Interessanter Wandel im Lebenslauf meines Bruders Frank

Nein, keine Angst: Meiner Familie ist natürlich nichts passiert. Nur die Spammer werden immer bekloppter. Warum? Nun, ganz einfach: Es gibt einen interessanter Wandel im Lebenslauf meines Bruders Frank: Die Spammer von der Nigeria Connection schicken wieder blödsinnige Spam-Mails. Aber lesen Sie selbst:

Avocat, Conseil et Assistance Juridique
Conseil & expertise
Tel: +229 21 30 35 57
Tel: +229 65 32 42 35
Ville, commune: Cotonou
Boite Postale: 02 BP 80
Bénin Republique

Letter to: Mr Jörg Haupt,

Compliment of the season!

My name is Pierre Atoke; I am a close instructor to Late Ing. Frank Haupt, an Indigene of your Country, who later became a Major Shareholder in Shell Benin S. A. an oil company in Cotonou, Benin Republic West Coast of Africa.

On the 24th of August 2009, my client and his family were found dead burnt in an auto crash that took place in Cotonou along Dogbo-Tota Major Route. Until his unexpected death, he was a contractor.

I am contacting you to support me transfer his money from BANQUE ATLANTIQUE.

The Bank authorized me to provide the sole successor to this fund; if not the debt account will be seized. I have not been fortunate in locating a kin-person or family connection since five years ago.

But now I seek your kind interest to stand as the only successor to the deceased amount as you fall in the same family name for the release of this account valued at 16.5 Million Euro and be transferred into your bank account in your country considering the allocation you will like to receive this amount and then you and I can share the money equally in this rate (50% for you and 50% for me).

The best option we are going to redirect this Money is firstly, I will need you to send me the following information about you like Your Full Name…… and Address….., Your Age…., Occupation……. and Position……, your private e-mail address………..if available, Your Telephone Mobile……..and Fax Number……….. For easier Communication Purpose with a stern promise to keep the sharing of this fund for only the two of us; therefore do not involve another person on this proposal.

I will provide the necessary documents to back up this acclaimed fund. All that is required is your honest co-operation for us to see this opportunity concluded.
It is a guarantee that we will execute this arrangement under the constitution of law.

And remember that you must keep this transaction very secret and confidential for security reasons until you receive this said fund in your bank account.

I am expecting your call and reply as soon as possible.

Best Regards,


Ne, ist klar. Da sind wir ja richtig froh, dass uns dieser super-seriöse Pierre Atoke aus Benin angeschrieben hat. 😉

Also wirklich! Diese Dumpfbacken von der Nigeria Connection haben doch echt irgendwas geraucht. Ob wirklich noch jemand auf solch einen Quatsch reinfällt?

Ach ja: Mein Bruder Frank erfreut sich indes natürlich bester Gesundheit. 😉

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